"A" like "Attraction"

In life we tend to attract things and situations that are reflecting our own inner attitude and believes. This is not that mystic as shown in the Book "The Secret" ... that handles this topic in a very "mystified" way. Our Brain is simply "scanning our environment and is proactively looking for evidence to confirm it´s current "setup of mind". As we cannot absorb everything happening in the current scene at once ... it is also a safety mechanism that prevents us from getting overloaded and/or mentally ill !

So what is the "Secret" behind the Law of attraction about ?

In my opinion it is the art of reprogramming the brains "filters" to look out for information, circumstances, people and events that are helping you to get closer to your desired destination. Visualizing (visionboard, Vision-Coaching methods or meditation) are very effective methods to "attract" almost everything you can imagine ! Consider that your brain is saving events and thoughts mainly as pictures ... If we are visualizing and are thinking / feeling into the desired outcome ... with all small details... and are able to feel them as they would be almost reality . Our brain will make no difference if it is a visualized picture or a memory ! Hence ... when a situation comes across where we would have been moving within an old and limiting circle based on memories and believes ... we are more and more able to see evidence of things that nurture our new vision .


Reality - Follows - Mindset